Tuesday Night Kettlebell Class

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Halo x 5 each side x 3 rounds
Arm Circles x 1 min
Wrist mobility x 1 -2 min
Hip Circles – 1 min
Knee circles – 1 min
Ankle flexion and dorsiflexion – 1 min
Hip Flexor Stretch
5 Prying Goblet Squats
25 Swings
Training Session:
Get-Up Ladder – (1,2,3) x 3 on each side. After each rung of ladder, 20 Heavy Swings!
Also, increase weight on the Get-up each ladder.
5 Min Snatches. Do as many high quality Snatches as possible in 5 min. Aim for impeccable form and set the bell down as needed.
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