Tonight’s intermediate KB class

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Warm-up –

Neck Rotations – side to side, up/down, ear-to-shoulder
Arm rotations – 10 front/10 back
Halos – (5R/5L)
Hip Circles – (10R/10L)
Knee rotations – (10R/10L)
Ankle rotations
3 x 5 Pendulum Swings
3 x 5 Goblet Squats

Workout – Medium size bells

Skill: Double Swing

I Go, You Go

Double KB –

5 Double Swings,

5 Double Cleans

5 Double Push-Presses

5 Double Front Squats
Excellent discussion on what is meant by “rooting” and mindful breathing. Applying these techniques takes practice, but are well-worth it.

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