Thursday Feb. 26th

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Back Squat 3×5 add 5/2.5 lbs

Bench Press 3×5 add 2.5/1 lbs

Remember, if you failed you weight last time do the same weight. If you fail again drop the weight down to the last successful lift.


This should be an all out effort with the rest giving you enough time to catch your breath. Try to keep your row times as consistent as possible.

Complete 2 Rounds for time.

Row 200 Meters
Push Ups ā€“ 50 Reps
Row 200 Meters
-Rest 90 Seconds-

Rest as needed, thenā€¦

Complete 2 Rounds for time.

Row 100 Meters
Dips ā€“ 25 Reps
Row 100 Meters
-Rest 60 Seconds-

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