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*Check out the CCF main site blog. Beyondthewhiteboard is EVERYWHERE! So post your results so I know what to punish.. I mean help you with 🙂





A. Split Jerk 3 AHAP

B. Close Grip Bench Press 3×5



A. Split Jerk; rest 5

B. Push Press

C. Handstand Hold 3 min total


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BASIC: As Heavy As Possible (AHAP) = not PR

COMPETITOR: Just finding current 1rm.

SKILL:  Heavy 5 rep back squat, work up from previous!

WOD:  Try to go Rx on this, focus on extension of the hips for slam ball throws. Let’s see how this goes 🙂


CCF Athletes getting ready for GORUCK in downtown Annapolis next Friday night! Guess we should go downtown and drink/cheer them on 🙂  … If you see them running around outside training, cheer them on also!


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