Summer Camp


The summer camp at Crofton Crossfit is programmed by a certified Anne Arundel County Public School Teacher with a background in day care and coaching sports prior to teaching.  The program will instill confidence in your children. The classes will be run jointly by teachers and Crofton CrossFit Coaches. The lessons taught will all be in the form of physical activity. There will also be a daily nutrition lesson with fun interactive demonstrations for the children to learn the basics of nutrition developed to their age group.

The camp will start at noon each day and will conclude at 4pm. The camp will run the month of July on a weekly basis.

Dates Remaining:

  • July 10th – 14th
  • July 17th – 21st
  • July 24th – 28th


  • $150 per child per week
  • $125 per child for 3-4 days
  • $45 per child for single day

Discounts (Apply only to full week option)

  • 25% off for children beyond the first
  • 25% off for multiple weeks beyond the first

For more information please fill out our contact form.

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