September Athlete of the Month: Kiki Tsamouras

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crofton crossfit athlete of the month

Crofton CrossFit Athlete of the Month Kiki Tsamouras showing off some hard earned muscle with her teenage daughter Julia.

Each month at Crofton CrossFit, we like to recognize one of our members as “Athlete of the Month” to show them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. The CrossFit community is composed of people from all different walks of life, each with their own unique story. Congratulations to Kiki Tsamouras for being chosen by our coaches as our September Athlete of the Month! Kiki always walks in with a smile gives 100% when she is at CCF, and she even convinced her teenage daughter Julia to start participating in CrossFit classes!

Her hope is to inspire women and men who are ages 50+ to start taking an active role in their health and fitness, and we think she is doing a great job. Learn about her fitness journey and what led her to CrossFit below, in her own words. Happy September, everyone! Keep up the hard work.

Crofton CrossFit Member Kiki Tsamouras’ Fitness Journey:

My fitness journey began in December 2013 when I walked into the doors of CCF. Prior to that I never exercised much. Basically, nothing really to speak of other than a few booth camps and power walking which didn’t start until sometime in my 40’s! I grew up in a generation where organized sports for girls were limited. When Gabby told me I was selected to be the Athlete of the Month, my first thought was—-WHO ME???? No way!!!! But, OK, maybe I can inspire other women (and men) who are 50+ to take a chance on Crossfit…….because if I can do it, anyone can!

I come from a family (both sides) of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host of other medical problems….so good genes aren’t necessarily on my side. I’m a healthy eater—other than an enormous sweet tooth—but knew I had to incorporate exercise into my life in order to stay healthy for myself and my two teenage kids. Crossfit has been a great way for me to become stronger, build muscles (never had muscles in my life until now……woohoo) and increase my endurance.

I absolutely LOVE CCF! It’s challenging, it gives me a ton of energy, it’s a BLAST, it keeps me fit/feeling young and it’s my total happy place! Everyone at CCF is so positive and encourages one another, no matter your fitness level. Since joining I have never missed coming 3-4 times a week, unless I’m out of town. It’s part of my day and an important part of my life, and I look forward to the  WODs and the camaraderie among my fellow CrossFitters. Honestly, CCF is one of the most positive environments I’ve ever been a part of.

In June 2015 I developed a bad case of tendentious in my right arm. After going through months of physical therapy and a cortisone shot, I’ve only managed to get about 70% better. The CCF coaches have shown me a variety of scale downs for any of the movements I can’t do as a result of my injury. Even with the scale downs I get an incredible work-out. Speaking of the CCF coaches……..well, they are WONDERFUL! The push me just enough and know my abilities better than I do……so, keep pushing me!

One of my most memorable moments at CCF was when I attempted (for the first time) and finished Murph this past May. Not only does this work-out honor fallen hero Lieutenant Mike Murphy, but this year CCF was raising money for fallen angel Imogen. These two great causes, plus my awesome partners Amanda H. and Kim W. got me through a work-out I never thought I could do!

Recently, my teenage daughter Julia joined CCF. She is a competitive cheerleader, a member of the Dance Company team in school, tumbles and played field hockey for four years. Although she is athletic, she still lacks endurance. I know Crossfit will absolutely help her endurance, while getting her stronger too. I also love that it’s something we can do together.

My fitness goals are to continue to work on my form, get in the best shape of my life, have a little more control on my huge appetite and always have fun!!!! Thank you CCF!


At Crofton CrossFit, we understand that people from all walks of life have different fitness and weight goals. Our facility does not aim to intimidate, only to motivate! Our EC Fitness and CrossFit program is designed for ANYONE with personal fitness goals. If you are interested in signing up for a FREE introduction session to Crofton CrossFit, give us a call today at 410-697-3742 or email for more info.

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