Done a few times a week in the group program after warm-up/mobility. Usually focusing on a high skill movement or a weightlifting movement to compound with the daily WOD!

CrossFit WOD:

This is our daily Workout Of the Day. The movements are constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Each workout can be scaled to ANY level and the intensity is brought down for new members to make this a fun and SAFE exercise.


Basic Strength:

This is designed for beginners-intermitted athletes. We use the term athletes even if your not competing but you want to be ready for something big! The lifts will be more basic and routine will repeat more often so you can log your results and work up safely in strength! The program will follow along so once you complete the lifts you will jump into the CrossFit class. It will keep your strength in a more bias program but not burn you out with the extra volume.


Clients will be guided and coached at an individual level to meet their personal goals. Initial testing will determine clients areas of strengths and areas that require future attention. Client’s programs will be designed to allow the client to fulfill their maximum potential in reaching their goals.

Included in the Exclusive Client Package is:

  • Weekly Programmming
  • Video Analysis
  • Unlimited Access via Email/Phone
  • Nutritional Programming

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Exclusive Client

exclusive client





CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Teens

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