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Squat 3×5 (add 5 lbs to last workout)
Bench Press (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)

Collegiate and Professional

Every minute on the minute perform:

Front Squat – 2 Reps
Bench Press – 2 Reps

*For Front Squat use 70% of Back Squat 1 RM. For Bench Press use 85% of Bench Press 1 RM.

*Alternate exercises at the top of each minute. Minute 1 – Front Squat, Minute 2 – Bench Press, etc. You will complete 10 Rounds of each exercise or 20 minutes of work.


Complete 6 rounds:

True Push Ups – 15 Reps
Sprint 1/2 Gasser
Rest 45 seconds

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