June 2015 – Eric and Sarah Tipton

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eric and sarah


I began CrossFit in January, 2013.  That summer, Sarah tried CrossFit Teens.  That fall, Sarah said she wanted a RuckFit t-shirt.  I said “Fine, you earn it by completing five RuckFit classes.”  She did it.  At first, she was a bit of an oddity; the only “kid” doing WODs with the adults.  But, after a while, Sarah became a semi-regular RuckFitter and would participate in holiday WODs like “Murph” and “12 Days of CrossFit(mas)”. 

Last summer she progressed to regular adult CrossFit, and with some specialized coaching from Paige, earlier this year she competed in the CrossFit Open.  I love that CrossFit has led to so many other activities that we’ve been able to enjoy together.   We’ve been WOD partners, ran 5k’s together, Warrior Dash, and even Spartan Race.  Eventually, I’m going to convince Sarah to try GORUCK.

I am so grateful to be able to share fitness with my daughter.  As much as I enjoy watching Sarah compete in sports, I enjoy DOING fitness with her even more.  Some of our favorite father/daughter time is grabbing a smoothie together after RuckFit.

We are grateful to have such a great group of friends here at Crofton CrossFit, both coaches and members.  I like to joke that any boy wanting to date Sarah is going to have to interview with the CCF coaches first.  (Maybe I’m not really joking). 

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