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How CrossFit has helped me with my figure skating

I started ice skating when I was five at Piney Orchard ice skating rink. When I was younger I took some lessons and joined the Production team at the rink. I saw skating as another thing I did along with soccer and lacrosse. A few years back when I was about 10 I decide to also join the Synchro team. I still didn’t think I had the skill and courage to do a solo program. I could do a few jumps and spins and other things but nothing too big. That is until I started CrossFit last year. I realized that I really love figure skating and I wanted to do a solo program. CrossFit really helped me with giving me the strength to land my jumps and hold my spins in longer and improve my stroking significantly. I couldn’t believe the amount of progress I had made the past few months both in CrossFit and in my skating. Who would have thought that a pistol could help you improve your sit spin. CrossFit has been a huge part of my life for the one year I have been doing it and I hope it continues to be a huge part. What ever sport you play or thing you do; CrossFit can definitely help you to be the best you can be. I did my very first solo competition and loved it so much that I kept doing them. I even got to compete at Districts and came in first! I could not have accomplished the things I have done in my skating without the help of Ms.Paige and CrossFit!

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