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Richelle Wilkins

In my life I have always been active. From dance classes to cheerleading, I always found myself moving; but it wasn’t until 2002 when I almost went blind and was diagnosed with Pseudotumor cerebri (A rare disorder where my optic nerve busted due to weight gain and having too much liquid on my spine.) that my journey trulybegan.

From that moment on I worked to change my lifestyle and become “healthy”. I tried every diet and have been a member of every major globo gym (except Planet Fitness) that you could think of, and nothing every stuck. I tend to say I get bored easily, but the true reason is that none of those things stuck because they weren’t meant to.

When I walked into the doors of Crofton Crossfit in September 2012, I knew something was different. The energy, the sounds, everything ‘spoke” to me, and I knew that this was for me.

I Crossfit because it makes me a better person; there has never been a gym where I felt I was at home. Every day I come into the box knowing that I am not going to be the same. Every day I work to get better, every day I work knowing that there is something that I can always improve on.

Although I have had some huge successes, I know that there is someone else working just as hard as me, so I keep moving (It’s a balance between being humble and competitive.). The mental challenge fuels me; the competitiveness fuels me, and knowing that someone else is watching, and may become better because of me, keeps me coming in day-after-day.

I have met so many wonderful people at CCF and within the Crossfit community as a whole. These relationships mean the world to me because in life we need support and someone in our corner to say, “You can do it!” I get that every time I walk through the door, and because of that I will keep walking through the door.

This journey hasn’t stopped; I still have more to do, room to improve and more friends to make; but I will say that I have finally found my place.

Thank you to all of the coaches (especially Chris) for being supportive, for helping me grow as an athlete and guiding me through this journey. To all of the members, (some whom I haven’t met) thank you for pushing me and making this community great. To be athlete-of-the-month is a huge honor; one I don’t take for granted, and I am so thankful to be a part of this community.

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