We’re not a gym,
we’re a program.

Get with the program!

We will have a FitCoach to walk you through the entire process of becoming a healthier you.

Our professional team will guide you through finding healthier food options, exercise within your limits, and surround yourself with people with similar goals. Here we have a strong and supportive community and staff.


  • Get assessed then discuss with you what these numbers mean to your health and how the FITWORX program will help you reach your goals.
  • We’ll schedule your first 3 workouts
  • Create a customized plan to reach your goals
  • Create a healthier you
  • FitCoach will set up your weights and your position for equipment

Once you enroll into the program we will schedule your first three workouts. These workouts will be used to set up your weights and your position for each piece of equipment. Your FitCoach will also take you one on one through the workout to make sure you are comfortable with how you perform each movement.

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