February AOM

 In Athlete of the Month
Ms. Amanda Veader

Describing myself has never been something I’ve been good at – I’m that person that has to google how to make a dating profile because I’m so terrible at talking about myself and it doesn’t help that I don’t even know what to say because getting Athlete of the Month was a complete shock to me. I was always active in High School and College; I played soccer and softball but I always skipped out on the weight lifting portion of those sports so although I excelled in softball, I never reached the full potential I was capable of because I never put in the work. I went to practice and games and then would meet up with friends for Chick-fil-a or some other fatty food that had no nutritional value whatsoever. Having a condition called Polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism and combining the fast food, sodas and late nights with those conditions was a recipe for a 50 pound weight gain.

Fast forward a few years to being 50 pounds heavier, dropping out of college and going through an awful break up shortly thereafter is basically where my fitness journey started. I wish I could say it started as a quest for me to get healthy but it didn’t. After getting out of a long term relationship I hit a low point of depression and was even prescribed Zoloft by a doctor. I knew I didn’t want to be on some medication so I thought working out might fix the funk I was in. One of my friends was who introduced me to Crossfit when I saw her getting leaner and stronger and I was kinda tired of having to do the truffle shuffle to entertain my friends and prove that I was totally comfortable with my curves and knew that my Rocky Road and Baby Ruth way of life needed to come to an end if I wanted to make some serious changes within myself; so I looked online and saw a free intro class at Crofton Crossfit and thought I’d see what it was all about.

Paige was my coach for that intro class. After that first class I couldn’t wait to join; you’re telling me all I have to do is come in and do these workouts and I could look like her? Sign me up! I joined the Crofton Crossfit family in March 2014 and remember one of my first fundamental classes was Fran and that’s when I thought maybe I made a horrible mistake. I was so intimidated by everyone whenever I came to class. I couldn’t even do a push up, pull ups were a joke and ring rows were just a rest time where I could hang around for a few seconds to catch my breath. I could back squat 65 pounds and could barely do a 35 pound snatch. I came in 1-3 times a week between March and October,most times making excuses and only coming in once a week. That October I ripped my quad in a softball game (how ironic that most people think Crossfit is bad because you get hurt and all along it was the baller life that caught up with me?) I was forced to rest and not able to come in and was miserable doing that. That December I
knew once I got cleared I was going to make a New Years Resolution and stick to it.

In 2015 I committed myself to at least 5 days a week and really focussing on my nutrition. I completed a Whole 30 and felt refreshed at the end and even going 15 days over the day I was supposed to be done. I stuck with my 5 days a week plan for the
entire year and can’t believe what a difference these little changes made over a year. I just recently started hardcore buckling down on my nutrition and even in just a month that’s made an incredible impact on my WOD performance. I’m no longer intimidated when I see my Crofton Crossfit family at classes, I’m now inspired and motivated by it.

I’ve not only gained strength physically but also mentally. I’ve never felt as confident in myself as I have since starting Crossfit. Every time I hit a new PR I feel like I have to take a second and stand back and take the moment in because I never thought a 215
pound old me could be standing here as the woman I am today because of the members and coaching staff at Crofton Crossfit. Joining this family has by far been the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life and I’m so grateful to every single individual at CCF because you all make this journey towards healthier living that much easier knowing how much support I have behind me!


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