February 2014 – Katie Black

 In Athlete of the Month

“Wow! Me, athlete of the month? If you saw me 10 years ago that would be hard to believe (that picture will NOT be shown)! I started this mostly love/sometimes hate relationship with crossfit almost a year ago in Dallas, Texas.

Crossfit builds up my mental strength unlike any other workout I’ve ever done. Almost every WOD makes me question my abilities (Can I really do this?), I feel the fear in the 10-second countdown (the worst 10 seconds of the day), and I overcome! I complete the workout, and I didn’t die! I have that feeling of, “OK, what’s next? What else can I overcome today?”   This confidence boost and developing the ability to “overcome” is what lead me to Maryland. Last July I left my single, comfortable life in Texas and moved to Maryland to start a faith-based business, Contemporary Christian Women’s Academy, with my mom. And since day one of joining CCF, I have been so blessed to train under amazing coaches.

In August I set a goal for myself to do a pull-up by January 1st. So I sought out the advice of Mr. Strict Pull-Up, Tony Rosa, who has been instrumental in helping me with my goal. Between Tony, Carl, and Paige guiding me and encouraging me, and staying an extra 10 minutes after class to work on my pull-up, the consistent work is starting to pay off. On January 1st, I was able to do a strict chin-up! So that strict pull-up is in the very near future for me. I will trust the process and keep going until I reach my goal.

The best part of Crofton Crossfit? The tomfoolery of the devoted 0600 athletes who motivate me and make getting up at the crack of dawn a lot more enjoyable! The people, the camaraderie and the friendships I’ve developed at CCF has been the icing on the paleo cupcake (is there such a thing?).” katieCCF2

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