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My name is Edwyn Rodriguez. I am six years old and in the first grade. I have been doing CrossFit kids since the summer of 2012. I also participate in Martial Arts and swimming. CrossFit has helped me with my endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, and jumping. I can kick higher and harder, I am able to spar for longer periods without getting tired, I can kick faster, and I can jump and kick (double front kick) at the same time. CrossFit has taught me how to do pushups, sits ups, and flexibility exercises. These exercises have helped me to become a stronger swimmer and diver. I can swim longer distances; back stroke for 25 meters without stopping. Since I started Crossfit two years ago, I have earned my Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-do (TKD), easily passed my physical fitness tests in TKD, able to spar with others in many events without getting tired, and improved my swimming training. I enjoy doing CrossFit and I recommend it to other children who want to improve his or her physical performance.

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