EC Fitness with Coach Josh Arcona: What You Need to Know

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Interested in weight loss? Becoming stronger? Training for a marathon? We can help you achieve your unique fitness goals. Here at Crofton CrossFit, we truly believe in providing eacEC fitness josh arconah and every one of our members with an amazing experience and the opportunity to see great, personalized results. Because of this, we have launched a new and exciting program at our facility called “Exclusive Client Fitness” or “EC Fitness.” EC Fitness programs are ideal for rapid weight loss, weight lifting, fitness competitors, GRID or CrossFit athletes, injury rehab, weakness training, and more.

To help you further understand EC Fitness we sat down with the head coach of the program, athlete Josh Arcona, to shed some light on the immense benefits of the personalized programs available to you.

Who is Josh Arcona?

Coach Josh Arcona specb04778bc-80c5-4166-9788-d42455ece419ializes in working with athletes on an individual level to achieve their goals. His clients include athletes looking to increase performance, military looking to increase job capability, and people looking to increase their overall quality of life. His background as an athlete allows him to understand the process his clients are going through on a daily basis. He has completed his Master’s degree in exercise science and holds the highest available certification for personal training. In 2014 he earned a spot on one of the first ever NPGL Grid teams, the Philadelphia Founders, and in 2015, he became an athlete and Captain for the Baltimore Anthem. He also qualified for the upcoming CrossFit Games in July and will be competing as part of a team!

His qualifications are as follows:

  • BS Exercise Science
  • MS Exercise Science
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • NSCA CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
  • OPT CCP Level 1 Associate Coach (in progress)

If you choose to enroll in the EC fitness program, Coach Josh will be the one guiding you through your journey to a stronger, healthier, happier life. Here’s what he has to say about the program:  

What is the goal of EC Fitness?

The goal of EC fitness is to develop a program that is tailored to your goals and needs, while accounting for your lifestyle, limitations, current fitness level and other factors.

How does EC Fitness differ from 1-on-1 Personal Training?

EC Fitness differs from PT in that you are not coached in a 1-on-1 setting. Instead, you are given a program that is overseen by a coach. This does two things. First, it lowers the overall cost because you are not paying the coach for hourly sessions. Also, it allows you more flexibility in your schedule and location of your training.

What are the benefits of EC Fitness in comparison to classes?

The benefits of EC Fitness is that you are given a program that is specifically tailored to you.  This means we can address a wide range of goals such as general fitness, athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, job performance, and health and longevity.

How do you access your individual programming?

Fitbot is website where you will find your individual programming. The site allows for instant feedback on workouts, nutrition, etc. to the coach. You can also upload videos and additional comments right into the workout for that day.

How do you come up with each personalized program? What factors into this?

There are a wide range of factors that go into developing each program. The most important factors are the clients goals and current status. Each program is written out in small blocks and then those blocks are put into longer cycles to properly plan progression through the year.

How often can people communicate with you about their experience in EC Fitness? How available are you?

Most of my clients leave comments on every single workout. I am also available via phone or email throughout the day.  

What is the cost of the EC Fitness program?

EC Fitness costs $250/month with a 3-month minimum sign up. Most people are signing up for 3 months at a time. But of course the option to sign up longer is available. The program includes a nutritional template, but a more detailed nutrition plan can be created for you at an additional cost.  (Please email for pricing and more details about this)

If someone was interested in EC Fitness but hesitant about whether they’d see results, what would you tell them?

I would say look at the testimonials from some of our clients. We have a wide range of people that are working towards and succeeding at their goals.

EC Fitness Program Testimonial: Mike Woodard

I suffered fractures in both my knees that stemmed from a nasty fall. EC Fitness has been a godsend during my rehabilitation. I was fearful to get back to exercising and doing any movement involving my legs. Josh sat down with me and came up with a plan that eased me back into movements and helped me build strength throughout the process. I have PR’d my strict pull-ups, bench press, and other movements and I am now back to squatting below parallel with weight and no pain. Josh has been great at staying on top of my progress and introducing new movements when I’m ready. EC Fitness is a great program, especially for someone coming back from injury.

Check back next week for another EC Fitness testimonial!

The EC Fitness Program and Crofton CrossFit Gym Access

As a member of the EC Fitness Program, you will have access to our incredible nearly 7,000 sqft. training facility that is located at 750 Rt. 3 South, Suite 5, Gambrills, MD 21054. You will be free to use the facility at any time during operating hours, but coached floor hours are Monday through Friday from 3:30-6:30 p.m. During floor hours, it is not a group class but a coach will be on staff during this time to help you with movements and mobility in a more 1-on-1 setting. Your EC Coach will guide you daily on your workouts through an online program that holds you accountable. You will still have access to ANY of our CrossFit classes and will still have a CCF Head Coach keeping track of your weekly attendance. The best part? This means you now have TWO coaches helping you make your goals achievable!

Interested in EC Fitness or a FREE Intro Session to Crofton CrossFit? Reach out today!

At Crofton CrossFit, we understand that people from all walks of life have different fitness and weight goals. Our facility does not aim to intimidate, only to motivate! Our EC Fitn
ess and CrossFit program is designed for ANYONE with personal fitness goals. This includes:

  • ALL AGES (kids – 65+)high five
  • All body types/weight levels
  • Stay-at-home Moms
  • Military/first responders
  • People with injuries
  • Wounded warriors
  • Athletes (any level)

Interested in learning more about EC Fitness or signing up for a FREE introduction session to Crofton CrossFit? Give us a call today at 410-697-3742 or email to schedule! There is never any hard sell or pressure to buy following your intro – we’ll simply ask if you are ready to embark on your fitness journey with us.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Like CCF? Leave us a review on our Yelp page!

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