EC Fitness Program Spotlight: Mary C.’s Testimonial

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The EC Fitness Program at Crofton CrossFit is a highly personalized fitness program that is ideal for rapid weight loss, strength training, fitness competitors, GRID or CrossFit athletes, injury rehab, weakness training, and more. GRID and CrossFit athlete Josh Arcona leads the program and can help you achieve any unique fitness goal you may have. Don’t believe us?Mary C EC fitness program testimonial

Check out our interview below with Mary C. below! Mary has been an active member of the EC Fitness Program for just a few months and told us all about her experiences and goals thus far. ECF offers immense value to our members, and following a program that is tailored to your specific needs gives you a great opportunity to see results. To learn more about the EC Fitness Program, take a look at out our interview with Coach Josh.

Before joining the ECF program, what was your standard fitness routine lacking?

Before starting the ECF program, my fitness routine was lacking a lot of strength, most of my training was running and cardio based.

What made you want to join the ECF program?

After the open, I wanted to join the ECF program because I wanted to become an all around strong CrossFit competitor. I am an extremely competitive person and I wanted to be able to keep up with a lot of the other competitors.

Did you have any reservations about the program prior? If so, what were they?

I didn’t really have any reservations other than time because I am in school full time and I work two jobs.

Since joining the program, can you tell me a little bit more about your experience getting started?

Getting started, I honestly couldn’t walk or move for the first week because of all the volume training, but I loved every second of it. I still do classes to keep my competitive aspect but I train hard before the classes and after.

Did you come into the program with any injuries or concerns?

I did not come into the program with any injuries or concerns because I never did much weight lifting or intense training beforehand. Most of what I did beforehand was run 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons.

What kind of goals did you create through the program?

My goals I created during the program was to try and become the best athlete I can be. I love pushing myself past my limits and being able to do things I wasn’t able to do a month ago.

How have you progressed throughout the program?

I’ve progressed extremely well throughout the program already. I’ve gone up 15-20 pounds on my snatch and 10 pounds on my clean and jerk. I love seeing the progress and feeling strong with weights I couldn’t do in the beginning of the ECF program.

How long were you enrolled in the program/are you still active?

I’ve been in the program for about 2 1/2 months and I love reading and looking at my workouts for the week.

Can you describe your experience with FitBot?

FitBot is the app to see your workouts for the week and it is a really nice app and well organized for your week. It also has informative videos of the workouts and previous weights you used.

What would you say to someone who is hesitant about joining the program and working with Josh to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals?

If someone was hesitant, I would tell them it is a great thing to do. Josh’s programming is tough but if you do it right, you will see the result you want to see because Josh really knows what he is talking about.

Is there anything you feel that other people should know about your experience regarding the program?

The program, for me, has excelled really well because I do the Olympic lifts with other coaches around that can help me along with Josh.

Is there anything we can do to improve the program or your experience thus far?

So far, the program is fantastic! I really love this type of programming.

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At Crofton CrossFit, we understand that people from all walks of life have different fitness and weight goals. Our facility does not aim to intimidate, only to motivate! Our EC Fitness and CrossFit program is designed for ANYONE with personal fitness goals. This includes:

  • ALL AGES (kids – 65+)
  • All body types/weight levels
  • Stay-at-home Moms
  • Military/first responders
  • People with injuries
  • Wounded warriors
  • Athletes (any level)

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