December 2014 – Anna Jónsdóttir

 In Athlete of the Month

When asked why Anna has been chosen as CCF’s athlete of the month, heres what our coaches had to say:

Aaron: “She is possibly the most resilient woman I have had the pleasure of meeting.”

Tony: “Anna is a pleasure to train. She is extremely coachable, is willing to ask questions and, at least with me, apply different techniques to improve her performance. Many folks at CCF don’t see her because she usually trains with the morning classes, but for those of us do, she is a positive example on many levels. Anna has also represented CCF in competitions with other Crossfit affiliates and is currently in training to compete for CCF this upcoming January. Most important is that Anna is genuinely a nice person….she likes my cute animal posts!!”

Paige: “Anna has shown so much dedication at the gym and with the programming. She is wonderful with all new members and even walk ins. She is a true definition of community at Crofton CrossFit.”

Eric: “Everyone in the gym can feel Anna’s presence when she is there. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but she motivates and encourages everyone at the box. She is strong, fit, dedicated, competitive, and hard working.”

JC: “Extremely hard worker. Always willing to listen. One strong m’fer. Shes a great motivator and supporter of others.”

Carl: “Anna is a dedicated athlete that has become a big part of the culture at the box. She is always around, always encouraging others, always helping where she can, always has a smile, and always has a positive contribution.”

Josh: “Role Model Crossfitter. Comes in rain or shine. Doesn’t cherry pick and listens to coaching. This has resulted in so many improvements in movements she used to consider weaknesses, like toes to bar. Now she does them regularly unbroken.”

Anna’s Bio:
I’ve always been very competitive and known for turning every little thing into a competition which is definitely not appreciated by everyone. I guess it runs in the family  because the same goes for my siblings. My brother competed with the national team at the Youth Olympics in Table Tennis, my younger sister got a soccer scholarship to Rhode Island University and is now a professional soccer player as well as a member of the Icelandic National Soccer Team. My older sister also competed for Iceland but she is the odd one out since her competitions were not sport related but on a math team. 

I started out playing soccer but then switched to Taekwondo which was my whole life for many years. As time consuming as it was I don’t regret a minute of it. I got to travel and compete with the national team to places I probably never would have visited otherwise.  After I stopped competing in taekwondo I really missed it, and missed having something to train for. That is how I got into crossfit. A former team member of mine thought I would like it and invited me to Reebok Crossfit Katla in Iceland for my first workout which ofcourse turned into a major competition between the two of us and I was hooked! 

When I moved to Maryland it took me a while to find a box I liked but after doing the introduction class with Garrett and seeing how excited he got over box jumps and burpees and how he made me feel welcome I figured I might have just found my new home.  And I was right! Working out with the 10:30 group is my favorite part of the day. We’re all very close and supportive of each other but still very competitive when it comes to the wods an the weight lifted. The coaches are great! What I love about them the most is that they’re all so very different from each other  with different coaching styles but so supportive of all of us. I’m slowly starting to learn that it’s not all about the weights! It doesn’t hurt either that my fellow athletes seem to love competing as much as I do! 🙂

I don’t have a big family here in the US, it’s just me and my sister but some of my closest friends and favorite people today are people I met through CCF. They’re always there for me and make me feel included in all their weird american holidays and traditions. I experienced my first traditional American Christmas last year and same with thanksgiving this year, both with members of my new CCF family. They say when you join a box you become a part of a new family, in my case it really is true. You all are my family away from home and I hope someday I and can repay the favor and introduce some of you to some of my weird icelandic traditions.


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