December 2013 – Nathan Taylor

 In Athlete of the Month

I joined Crofton Crossfit roughly two and a half years ago, and spent a solid year having Garrett introduce and train me in Olympic weightlifting. Recently Aaron took over and has improved my form tenfold with his experience as a weightlifter and his knowledge of the LSUS strength program.  Not only did the both of them teach me how to lift weights, but emphasized the importance of nutrition and recovery. Meaning get your sleep, eat clean, and take your vitamins/fish oil. What I enjoy most about weightlifting is how your mind and body have to be on the same page when performing a lift. If not, you’ll most likely miss the lift or clark it. I also enjoy training five times a week on the LSUS program. It keeps me busy and the people I train with are great. Right now we’re on a squat emphasis cycle. Although we do a lot of squatting, the program calls for different movements everyday, so it doesn’t get too repetitive. To be honest, it’s a true honor be athlete of month out of all the great athletes we have at the gym. I know I’ve worked very hard and I’m excited to go train in Shreveport, Louisiana.


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