CCF Highland Games 2014

 In Events

Normal Highland events:

  1. Caber Toss (log)
  2. Stone Put (20/10#)
  3. Scott hammer throw (22/12#)
  4. Weight Throw (30/15#)
  5. Weight over Bar (56#)
  6. Sheaf Toss (20/10# bag with stick/shovel)


Crofton CrossFit Highland Events:

  1. Slam Ball Put (20/10#)
  2. Kettlebell Single Arm Throw (35/15#)
  3. Max Wall ball height (20/14#)
  4. 2×6 toss (x2men/x1female)
  5. Dog sled 100m (25/0#)
  6. AMRAP 10:

10 GTOH Plate 45/25#

10 Burpee onto plate

*each rep is 1 point. Total top 3 m/f points added per “Crew” at end of day.



0600 = Black Tee shirt

Early Morning (9/10:30) = Red Tee shirt

Early Afternoon (4:30/5:30) = Blue Tee shirt

Evening (6:30/7:30) = Green Tee shirt

Weightlifters = Yellow Tee shirt


Event Date:  June 28th

Time:  10:00am – 12:00pm

Prizes: Go to top “Crew” and also best Kilt. Prizes will be a gift bag for the best Kilt and a picture frame going on CCF wall for the “Crew”


– Cookout Post event, bring anything to throw on the grill or a side !

– NO Group WOD’s that day, only RuckFit but remember to show your colors for event and not burn yourself out during RuckFit 🙂

– The Oly gym will be having a few local lifters coming down so the grill will be over by the Oly gym so we can watch some big guys/girls throw down post WOD

– 10:30am Free class is still open if anyone does show

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