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A. Bench Press 5×1

B. Ring Dip 5×1




A1. Back Squat 10 AHAP

A2. Back Squat 10 @90% x 2

B1. Push Press 10 AHAP

B2. Push Press 10 @ 90% x 2

C1. Incline Bench Press 10RM

C2. Incline Bench Press 10 @90% x 2

D. L-Sit Hold 3 min total time



BASIC: Remember you do NOT do SKILL with class unless it’s posted! I will start loading some extra volume in. Please grab coach for lifts! This week you are testing. Next week we Deload and spend time on oly/gymnastic skills

COMPETITOR: Est a 10rm on incline Bench, grab coach to make sure you are doing this correct

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