In Competitors


A. Bench Press 5×5


B. 7 sets max Ring Push-ups





A1. Back Squat 5 AHAP


A2. Back Squat 5 @90% x 2


B1. Push Press 5 AHAP


B2. Push Press 5 @ 90% x 2


C1. Bench Press 5 AHAP


C2. Bench Press 5 @90% x 2


D. 100 Hollow rocks AFAP



BASIC: Back into 5’s . remember throw in your #’s here for exact lifts: http://www.diystrengthtraining.com/workout-spreadsheets-links/wendler-5-3-1-workout-spreadsheet/

Also Ring Push-ups should be getting a average of 10+, scale as needed but stay on rings if possible



Same as last week, get ready for a short burst of 10’s again 🙂 . Will be last one I promise!!! Seeing some amazing results, thank Aaron for building this program and cannot wait to see what you guys get do come end of Sept when we can work in more conditioning and high rep gymnastic focus!

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