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Remember BASIC is the Wendler 5/3/1 . If you wish to start email me for details garrett@croftoncrossfit.com



A. Bench Press 5×5 @ 50% of 5rm

B. 15 Wall Walks




A1. Back Squat 5 AHAP

A2. Back Squat 5 @90% x 2

B1. Push Press 5 AHAP

B2. Push Press 5 @ 90% x 2

C1. Bench Press 5 AHAP

C2. Bench Press 5 @90% x 2

D. 3 min Plank



BASIC: Deload week. Should be extremely light weight, spend time on mobility and show up early. Do NOT do SKILL with class but do WOD.

COMPETITOR: Repeat most of last week. I will be at box all week checking up on you guys!

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