In Competitors


A. Bench Press 5×1

B. Ring Dip 5×1




A1. Back Squat 5 AHAP

A2. Back Squat 5 @90% x 2

B1. Push Press 5 AHAP

B2. Push Press 5 @ 90% x 2

C1. Bench Press 5 AHAP

C2. Bench Press 5 @90% x 2

D. Ring L-Sit, gather 3 min total



BASIC: This is heavy single, remember if your interested in this program I have a  detailed spreadsheet for you guys. email me garrett@croftoncrossfit.com

COMPETITOR:  5’s 🙂 . Some amazing Pr’s already and you guys seem to all find workout partners! Remember on day’s with “WOD”‘s to do with class and just “survive” conditioning is now part of the plan right now.

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