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A. Back Squat 5×3

B. Pull-up 5×3




A. Clean from high block 5 rep; rest 5 sec between reps; rest 3 min

B. Snatch DL 10.10.10

C. Clean Pull High Block 10.10.10

D. bulgarian split squat 5 x 10; rest 90 seconds between legs w/DB in farmers hold




POST TO BEYONDTHEWHITEBOARD.com … PLEASE… thank you 🙂 .  I REALLY need to see these numbers so I know what accessories/lifts we should be focusing on. If you don’t post it didn’t happen! They have a app and is extremely easy to use during your training.

Also we try really hard to keep the Oly gym clean and since it isn’t directly connected to the box I don’t always get over there. I am hearing since Aaron is out of town it became a mess really fast, please help us keep it clean or you will be doing 10’s for 10 more weeks.

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