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A. Bench Press 5×3

B. Ring Dip 5×3




A1. Back Squat 10 AHAP

A2. Back Squat 10 @90% x 2

B1. Push Press 10 AHAP

B2. Push Press 10 @ 90% x 2

C1. Bench Press 10 AHAP

C2. Bench Press 10 @90% x 2

D. GHD 5 x 20



BASIC: Week 2 of Basic so Working with heavy 3 reps (remember 2 sets are warm up, others are working sets). For B. work make those a challenging 3rep so scale if needed or add weight!

COMPETITOR: Almost same as last week. This is last week of 10’s (before we go to 5’s again then we jump into 1 more round of 10 🙂 … Keep eating and resting !


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