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A. Deadlift 5×5

B. Box Jump OTM 10; 2 jumps @ 85% of 1rm




A. Snatch from high block 5 rep; rest 20 sec between reps

B. Deadlift 10 AHAP

C. Snatch Pull High Block 10.10.10

D. Body Row 75 Reps AFAP

E. 5 Hang Power Clean TnG, 20 second Airdyne; rest 4-6 min x 5sets



BASIC: Remember this is a version of Wendler 5/3/1 . grab the spreadsheet, put in your #’s and you will have every lift for next 6 months! This program is designed to help you with strength and let you keep conditioning up at same time!

COMPETITOR: Same as last week, for E pick a weight you can move fast on, this is Lactate sprints so make the whole thing FAST, you should need 4-6 min of rest! Guys are looking great this week so far and was great to be at the gym all day!

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