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 A. Push Press Heavy 5

B. Ring Dip 5×3



A. Snatch from high block 5 rep; rest 5 sec between reps

B. Deadlift 10 AHAP

C. Snatch Pull High Block 10.10.10

D. Bent over row 10.10.10

E. 7 Burpee 20 Second Airdyne Sprint x 4-6 sets; rest 4-6 min between sets


BASIC:  Again last week, go easy. starting a Wendler based program next week with a 4th week “deload”

COMPETITOR: Notice changes this week:

A. Short rest so drop and pick right back up

B. Work up to last week and add if you can

C. This should be fast, focus on Shrug and opening hips

D. Build up to a 10

E. This should be a sprint, rest as needed and don’t over do it.

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