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A. Deadlift 5 rep

B. Back Squat 3×5




A. Clean from high block 10 rep; rest 7 sec between reps

B1. Back Squat 10 AHAP

B2. Back Squat 10 @90% x 2

C. Clean Pull 5.5.5

D. Pull-up 8-10 rep x 5 sets




BASIC: Next week will be last week of normal 3×5 training. You guys will load 5×5 week 1, 5×3 week 2,  5×1 week 3 then reload week 4 !

COMPETITOR:  did some tweaks, A should be done fast.  A bunch of “tweaks” again for next week but same template of 10’s for a few more weeks. Everyone seems to be doing really good and listening to your coaches. Remember to follow this program (no more and no less) and also POST the results to beyond the white board. I look at this stuff daily. Keep it up guys and have a bunch of competitions for you guys coming up both in house!

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