August Athlete of the Month: David Gill

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Each month at Crofton CrossFit, we like to recognize one of our members as “Athlete of the Month” to show them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication. The CrossFit community is composed of people from all different walks of life, each with their own unique story. Congratulations to David Gill for being chosen by our coachcrofton crossfit david gilles as the August athlete of the month! Learn about his fitness journey and what led him to CrossFit below, in his own words. Happy August, everyone! Keep up the hard work!

Crofton CrossFit Member David Gill’s Fitness Journey

3….2…1..Go..Everybody hits beast mode. There is loud rock music, everyone grinding, the coach keeping the exuberance in the box and there is David Gill, yeah…making an impression the very first day. After about a week I realize this was a bigger meal than I had ordered. There were tons of things that existed that I didn’t know about, I couldn’t do…..

My dad is a fighter pilot and having a military background makes you inclined towards physical fitness. I played sports, swam, hiked, biked, climbed trees, jumped off roof- tops, basically anything physically possible to fulfill my cravings for outdoors. I was an ace badminton player and swimmer, but had to give up on those as there wasn’t much scope. At 18 years I got introduced to weightlifting and took a liking towards it. At 19 years of age I moved to the States, saw almost every second person cranking weights in tank tops and shorts. After a few years standing in front of giant mirrors, pumping the ego and the repetitive movements became monotonous….. I would watch videos to incorporate different skills and input variations …….BANG..!! One fine day I watched Dan Bailey doing some cleans, double unders and handstand walks……LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!…the more I watched the more I was drawn towards it…Finally one day I walked in Crofton Crossfit…I was like HOLY Mackerel….such a place actually existed……coach Josh introduced me and I got a few privately instructed classes by coach Greg, before I was given a good to go…OH MAN……..!! I was in the box, it was like there were bells ringing at a temple/church and I had a smile on my face. I got down to do the WOD…….

Being high spirited got me going with my pedal to the floor week after week, there was a thirst to learn and my unbeatable competitive spirit.. After sometime I realize my incorrect approach. The ego started to deplete, I get educated on different skills involved and got enlightened about various factors affecting performance. Over this year and a half I have inculcated the crossfit etiquette and imbibed numerous attributes to assist me on this journey to awesomeness. Crossfit is a well-rounded sport that chips off the rough edges to build a versatile athlete. It had been a haphazard journey so far. I believe with proper planning, perpetual dedication and consistency one can soar to great heights. I am constantly rectifying my flaws, working on my weakness and seeking proper guidance. Crossfit has made me a motivated individual and my exuberance and endeavors wouldn’t cease till I hit the StubHub Center in Carson, CA…YEeeah!!!!! STEADFAST & PURPOSEFULLY.

Thank you Crofton Crossfit….for selecting me as the athlete for the month of August and I am grateful to have amazing mentors…. I hope to inspire and be an example for everyone heading towards being AWESOME.


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