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“I am very honored to have been chosen the athlete of the month. For years my husband Spence had been after me to join crossfit. I’ll admit I probably had the issues most women had about crossfit. I have no clue about weight lifting and how is it going to effect my body? All pretty scary. We were in the middle of a big change in our lives. After living in Delaware for 23 years we were moving to Maryland because of a better job opportunity for Spence. I figured everything in our lives was going to be new, why not start fresh with how I worked out. Let me give crossfit a try.   Took the on ramp classes and discovered that there were a variety of different movements, so there was no way I would get bored like I had with other workout programs. Once I did my first WOD, I was hooked. It is funny I still remember that date, June 20th 2013. Really liked how WOD’s could be scaled to your ability and you still get a great workout. There have been a few WOD’s I did at RX level. Each time we have done the crossfit totals I see improvements. This past one I had 10 pound PR’s on each movement. Still working on double unders, me and jump roping have never been on good terms.   A special thanks to all the coaches. I have learned a lot from each one. They go me used to lifting the weights that I feared so much in the beginning. Taking their time to correct my form and push me when I needed it. I have become a regular for the Ruckfit and Kettlebell classes. I also enjoy Coach Tony’s monthly challenges. All have bettered my pull ups, push ups, and strict press.   After a year of crossfit my body has changed a lot. I now have big thighs, arms, shoulders, and a kettle booty. Shopping for a crossfit body isn’t easy but I have found a few brands that fit. I am embracing this new body cause there is no way I am stopping crossfit. I am addicted.” photo-7

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