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Jason Shade

I like Crossfit… but it didn’t start out that way.  My introduction to Crossfit left me unimpressed and uninterested. A form of Crossfit was introduced to us in the Army as part of the move to new PT standards. The implementation was handled poorly (my opinion) and I decided to look elsewhere in my spare time to get back into shape. I had hit a fluffy 225lbs and decided I needed something more than regular Army PT. I started P90X, survived the 12 week cycle and was impressed with the results. I started a second cycle and about two weeks into it I was dreading the repetitive monotony of the P90X workouts and started looking for something else. I looked back into Crossfit by reading the forums and looking at the main page WOD. The thing that kept sticking out to me was that athletes in every Crossfit WOD video were all in incredible shape and most seemed to claim that they achieved their results from main page programming (3 days on, 1 day off, some days the WOD was just a single heavy lift with low reps, GTFOH). I was skeptical of the results but I decided to test it out myself by following main page programming for 60 days. This was 6 years ago, so the programming scene was quite a bit different. It took me about two weeks to get hooked and I’ve been going non-stop since then. I got so hooked that a close friend and I bought everything needed to WOD straight out of his garage (not cheap considering we were in Hawaii). I deployed and met a level 1 certified reservist who tried to help me clean up some of my more terrible self taught techniques (still trying to work on this, daily struggle) and dropped a lot of knowledge on me. After deployment, I found out I was coming to Maryland and realized I was going to have to give up the garage gym and join a box. I decided to take the Level 1 course for the knowledge/experience and to hopefully allow me to skip going through an on-ramp program at a new box. I was drawn to CCF because of the kids program. To this day, I think its one of the best decisions I’ve made. I didn’t know what to expect in a box environment, especially when my past experience was working out with the same 2-3 people every day.  But the coaches here have been incredible, they genuinely care about every athlete, they are extremely patient and bring a positive attitude to every WOD. My kids come willingly (never once have I forced them to go a WOD) to CCF and it has had a major impact on their lives. The CCF athlete community is amazing as well. There is truly a “second family” type of environment at the box. The support everyone provides each other in daily WODs, box events and at competitions that Crofton Crossfit athletes participate in is outstanding and it seems to just keep getting better every day. Even though I tend to keep to myself, I truly enjoy the sense of comradery at CCF and I am proud to be a member of the CCF family.


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