April 2015 – Erika Rodriguez

 In Athlete of the Month

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When asked why Erika has been chosen as CCF’s athlete of the month, heres what our coaches had to say:

Paige: I’ve been working with Erika for about 3 years now. She is a strong, dedicated woman. She started out as a “skinny runner chick” and now has become a strong skinny chick I’m happy to say I’m not just a coach to her but a friend. Well deserved!!

Gillian: Not only does Erika have the sprit and drive that is truly admire but she is an all around kind and friendly person. She works hard to meet her goals and it truly shows, congratulations on being named athlete of the month it is well deserved.

Tony: I recall Erika from when she first arrived at CCF. I was her coach for her initial Crossfit foundation classes. At the time, Crossfit was new to her and having come from an endurance background, it was a new challenge. Happy to say, she surpassed all expectations and has become an awesome all-around athlete. I wish Erika well in her future endeavors!

Erika’s Bio:

Thank you Crofton CrossFit Coaches for nominating me athlete of the month. I am honored and proud to be a part of the team.

My interest in physical training began as a child; I ran track, did gymnastics, danced, and at one point I was a cheerleader; however, my love and discipline to train hard came from my military service. I served eight years in the U.S. Army where I became a paratrooper and was deployed to combat. My physical training was recognized by my leaders and I received numerous awards for my hard work.

After leaving the Army, I continued my fitness and became a long distance runner. I trained for every half-marathon or 10 milers as if I was going to win and not just to cross the finish line. As time went on, I also became a Military spouse and a mother. Being pregnant did not stop me from staying fit; I ran my entire pregnancy. After the birth of my son, I felt I was missing something and running was not enough, but then I found myself in a new state and no one to train with.

My husband and my friend Jennifer introduced me to CrossFit. My husband was doing it with his soldiers and I noticed the physical transformation in my friend Jennifer. This interested and motivated me to try it. In January of 2012, I walked into Crofton CrossFit and it was the best decision I made. I was excited to see the ropes and I was ready to climb them. I immediately fell in love with the sport. Crofton CrossFit became known as “my happy place”. I became mentally and physically stronger. The Coaches, community, friends and the WOD, is what makes the box a place to be. I have met incredible people through CrossFit whom I now call “friends”.

Each Coach has taught me something new, and every day I continue to learn from them. I have to admit that every Coach has contributed to my PRs, but every WOD Coach JC has the lead, he always pushes me so hard that I end up lifting heavier, and to top it off, I PR. Coach Paige has personally trained me and provided me with the proper tools to assist me to become a better athlete. I am thankful for her coaching, mentoring and training.

The Rodriguez Family is a Crossfit family and will always be wherever we go; however, one thing we truly appreciate about CCF, is their participation and recognition of our Fallen Comrades “HERO WODS” (Murph and Loredo my favorite) and their appreciation to all branches of services.

In Crofton CrossFit, no athlete is left behind, every WOD is modified to the athlete’s level and this is the beauty of CrossFit. Thank you CCF coaches for your hard work and dedication to CCF and our families. Thank you Coaches Garrett and Paige; I personally appreciate everything you do for me and my family. I am proud to say I am a Crofton CrossFit athlete.

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