April 2014 – Bernadette Reynolds

 In Athlete of the Month

“I got my Crossfit start when I nervously wandered into Crofton CrossFit back in July 2012. Lucky for me CCF’s Garrett Smith and Alicia Saars were patients at the Physical Therapy practice that I worked at. I was still rehabbing from some major injuries that I had sustained in a car accident but I was finally feeling like I needed to get back into some sort of shape. I was mostly done with all the Physical Therapy I needed and only had one surgery left to go! Before my accident I ran a lot to keep in shape but I always felt I needed something more. I would go to a gym here and there but I would get so bored and I was always overwhelmed by all those fancy machines. Garrett and Alicia both suggested I give CrossFit a try and I have never looked back. I was by no means a stellar athlete when I started, I couldn’t do much of anything! With my numerous broken bones and torn ligaments I was pretty limited; I couldn’t even do a front squat! But as I hear all the time, it was only that I couldn’t do those things “yet.” Fast forward to now, I can dead lift 200lbs and I am doing double-unders and toes to bar! Though I can only do a couple of each, for a girl who three years ago had to use a walker to get around, this is huge! My next goal is a strict pull up!

What I love the most about CrossFit, and CCF in particular, are the WONDERFUL coaches and fellow athletes. It really is like a family. Everyone is so encouraging and so inspiring. I love that everyone pushes each other to do their best and to become stronger. There were plenty of days when I started where I would grab a light weight, so worried I would not make it through the WOD, when someone would tell me “I bet you could do 10 more lbs, you are getting stronger,” and sure enough I made it through the WOD! Sometimes dead last, but no one here cares about that, in fact being last can be fun when all the other people who are done join you on your last run or last couple of burpees J and that’s what makes CCF and Crossfit in general great. I am now confident enough to push myself, and I have even completed some of the WODs RX!! No more sandbagging, right JC?

To me CCF is more than just the workouts, some of my favorite moments have been sitting on the couches in the lobby after a WOD and talking with everyone about how tough that was and what a great job everyone did. There is never any negativity! Through CCF I have been so fortunate to make many new friends and continue to do so as new members join. You guys are all amazing athletes and I truly enjoy “WOD’ing” with ya’ll!”


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