About Us

About Us

Crofton CrossFit

Crofton CrossFit is a 8,300 sqft personal training facility that incorporates group classes. Our training is designed for all inclusive fitness. Our members ages range from 9 to 75+. Our members are stay at home parents, active and former military, competitors in multiple sports. We even taylor to recovery clients and wounded warriors.

Find the energy or courage to step in the door and we will gladly walk you through our whole facility and get you started to your level. We guarantee you will leave feeling comfortable and excited to get started.

We offer both private, one-on-one sessions and highly coached group classes. You must complete fundamentals before entering group classes for safety and comfortability. The fundamentals sessions will teach you every movement with proper technique, mechanics and skills taking in consideration of scale downs and mobility. The prices of these varying classes can be found on the pricing page. CrossFit is classified as a sport, so the group setting can be a great place if you really need a fun and competitive atmosphere.

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