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Okay, just wanted to mention that last Tuesday evening, we finished up the beginner’s sessions. All in all, we covered the basic KB movements – Swing, Get-up, Goblet Squat, Clean and Press, Front Squat, and the Snatch. Some of you who attended these sessions are ready to join the Intermediate class. If you are not yet at that point, it’s all good! Why? Because the more you can master the basics, the better you will become. Remember, kettlebell training is about mastering movements, not muscle. Trust me, you will get strong, but learning how to move is what counts for the long-haul.

Anyway, now that we have covered the movements, it’s time to begin another beginner’s session. This Tuesday, we will begin with the Swing again. So, if you missed out last time around, come by this Tuesday at 6:30pm!

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