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OTM 10:
HSPU max strict 20 seconds

OTM 10:
HS Walk max distance 30 seconds


5 RDs for time:

12 Deadlift 155/105

9 Hang power clean 155/105

6 Push jerk 155/105

Goal: A. fitness, if you can not do HSPU ( with no more than 1 ABMAT) then do DB Presses or Handstand Holds
B: Scale the weight as needed, WOD should be under 10

Basic/Comp: http://crofton.rx.sitesasrx.net/2015/07/13/7142015/

Today was a wonderful day! Lets call it PR Monday. Jesse L. got a 160# bench (5# PR), Lori H. Bench 155# (10# PR), Mary C. was able to pick up her Kipping pulls ups and RX’d the WOD, Keith F. hit a 91Kg (200#) Press and Tara M. & David G. were able to perform pistols for their first time! Who else did something yesterday or today that they’re excited about? Share, let us know!!

Todays WOD is for Becca S.  Her and Matt have just bought a beautiful house in Frederick and with the drive will have to move to a punch card. It saddens me knowing Becca won’t be in her normal 10:30am class, but hope to see you guys pop in once a month or so. You two are amazing people and athletes and I know everyone will miss you both! We are all so happy for you two and looking forward to some house parties in the future 😉


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