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Reminder: There will only be Ruckfit on Saturday morning. No open gym or 11:30am class after 10am. We are hosting the NPGL Anthem Pro Day. Everyone is more than welcome to drop in and cheer on the athletes! Any questions just let us know  🙂



  1. 4 rounds not for time
    1. Strict pullups x 10 at tempo 10X2
    2. 20 plank walk ups


Athlete and Fitness

  1. In 3 minutes
    1. 500m row
    2. Max burpees over erg
      1. Rest 1 min
  2. In 3 minutes
    1. 500m row
    2. Max DU/singles
      1. Rest 1 min
  3. In 3 min
    1. 500m row
    2. Max wall walks

Congrats Sarah T. for getting 30th place overall in the Mid Atlantic RX Teens 2016 OPEN! Excited to see what next year brings!


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