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Reminder: Beginning next week, the Kettlebell class will be on Tuesdays only and we will be initiating a new Beginner Cycle. The Intermediate crew are welcome to join in but they will have their own separate workout. The order of classes for this new cycle is as follows:

Goblet Squat
Clean and Military Press
Front Squat

For the Swing, we will cover the Hip Hinge, Deadlift, Hardstyle Plank, Hardstyle Breathing, Two-hand Swing, Single-Arm Swing, Alternating Swing. As you can see, the Swing is not just about the swing; it’s much more involved.
If you are interested in learning how to correctly, safely, and effectively use Kettlebells, you should attend these classes; they are progressive so it’s important to make each class if possible. You won’t have time to ‘catch up’ because I will covering a new movement each week and they all build upon each other. If you can’t attend and want to learn, you can contact me and make separate arrangements for one-on-one training.

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