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So last night we had two folks show up for the Beginner’s class and the amazing thing about it was that the two who did show up are in the intermediate class – Ken and Cris! These are folks who have already learned the basic movements and are at the intermediate level. In fact, it’s the intermediate folks who seem to show up for the Beginner’s classes. That’s awesome, but I also want to see beginners attending the Beginner’s class as well.
Anyway, we covered the Get-Up and performed drills to improve each transition point. The improvement in form was noticeable and that’s why working the basics are critical – whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
I also want to recognize Cris for her hard work and dedication. She has bought into the program and has made amazing problem in a very short time. She is also very coachable and is motivated to learn more. Ken and Mary are the same way, and it’s that attitude that motivates me. Again, these folks are not beginners but they understand that drilling the basics is the source of true progress

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