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The Intermediate KB class will be doing the following today.

Warm-up –
5 min of general cardio
Neck rolls
Arm Circles
Wrist mobility
Hip Circles
Knee circles
Ankle mobility
3 x 5 – Halos
3 x 5 – Prying Goblet Squats
3 x 5 – Pendulum Swings
3 x 10 Pushups
50 Swings

Skill – Snatch work, including the Dead Snatch


40/20 – Goblet Cleans – (Cool move) – 5 min

Goblet Pulse Squats – (This will suck) – 5 min

V02 Max Snatch workout – Here is a link which explains the V02 max protocol –

What we will do is spend 5 min to determine your 1 min max Snatch effort. Once you do that, you will divide that number by 4. So, if you managed to snatch 24 times, your tempo would be 6 snatches every 15 sec. We’ll go over this along with the weights to use, etc.

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