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So far in the Beginner class, we have covered the Swing, Get-Up and the Goblet Squat. Tomorrow, we will cover the Clean and Press. Here is a great video tutorial by Master RKC Andrew Read on how to perform the Clean. He sums it up perfectly as follows: “The first thing to keep in mind with the kettlebell clean is that it is a swing that just ends up with the bell going to a different location. I think about the swing as the driving force behind my clean and snatch. I find when I focus on keeping the elements of the swing in those moves they are much more fluid and powerful. So, always keep in mind all the things we spoke about when we were doing swings.”

One of my biggest pet peeves is when folks perform lazy cleans. The clean must be performed just as if you were going to perform a one-arm Swing. The set-up, loading, backswing, and hip drive MUST be the same. If all of these elements are in place, Your arm will simply guide the KB to the rack position. It shoud look fluid with no banging on the forearm, etc. Watch the video and and come prepared.

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