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Tuesday October 10th

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Anne Arundel SPCA.  There was a minor issue with the T-shirts so we didn’t raise as much money as we could have but all in all we put together just over $1200.00 as a community! Thank you to all of the volunteers and the athletes as well as the friends and families that came out to watch people throw down.

Pre Strength

3×5 Dead Lift (Not tap and go. Lift off the ground and lower it slowly. Reset and move the bar back up.)

4×10 (each side) 1 Arm Bent Over Row


Skill – Core

4×10 Russian Twists

4×6 Tea Cup Oblique’s



10 Rounds

10 Med Ball Cleans

10 Wall Balls

200m Run with Wall Ball


For the Med Ball Cleans make sure you are keeping the ball close to the instep of your feet and making sure your chest is as upright as possible. This is very light so it will be easy to throw form out the window but these are the movements where we should be focusing on the basics to improve the rest of your lifts.



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