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Wednesday October 4th

Only 4 more days until our SPCA fundraiser. Please bring a friend to participate in the “Newbie Division” competition! All money raised will be donated!

Pre-Strength (10’s Week 4) Each set should be working up in weight.

4×10 Back Squat

4×10 Bench Press


3-5 Minutes working on Tri-Pod. Should be working towards headstand.

2×10 T Lever Half Kick ups


5 Heavy Back Squat (not a 5 rep max set)

20 Plate Ground to Overhead

20 Russian Twists


By now your legs should be getting worn out a bit this week. This is normal. Keep pushing as you will begin to adapt to the weight. If you have to scale back the weight a bit today that is fine but it should still be on the heavier side.


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