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Monday October 2nd

Only 6 more days until our SPCA fundraiser. Please bring a friend to participate in the “Newbie Division” competition! All money raised will be donated! For those of you who are worried about the gymnastics skill for the competition please do not worry. Scaled people will not have regular pull ups. We are doing a 50/50 style raffle for Caps Tickets, Membership Discounts and a swag bag.

New Cycle – 10 weeks to work on overall strength, core included, and Gymnastics.

Gymnastics: This is an area we as a gym have identified as a weakness of ours, collectively. In an effort to change that, we have developed a ten week gymnastics skill work/conditioning program aimed at helping our members become accustomed to progressions, as well as, develop the necessary strength to preform movements properly. The goal here is to complete the movements provided mindfully (slow and controlled). If this is accomplished, members will develop better body awareness, form, core strength, and new skills.

Strength: This is an area where our gym for the most part is pretty well off. However moving towards the CrossFit Open we are going to have this 10 week heavy barbell work cycle then follow it up with a much lighter 10 week cycle moving into the Open. The idea is to build up everyone’s overall capacity to pick heavy things up multiple times with good form. By doing this for 10 weeks what seems relatively heavy right now to you will be a piece of cake if you put the work in.

Pre-Strength (10’s Week 4) Each set should be working up in weight.

4×10 Front Squats

4×10 Push Press



3×8 Dips on benches. Legs can be bent or straight depending on ability.

4 sets @ 20 on 10 off – False Grip ring rows. Watch Video for instruction from Coach Tori




3 Rounds


5 HEAVY Squat Cleans

10 Pull Ups ( a good scale down to work on the skill session- 10 false grip ring rows)

20 Lateral hop over bar


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