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Saturday September 16th

Only 23 more days until our SPCA fundraiser. Please bring a friend to participate in the “Newbie Division” competition! All money raised will be donated!


This should be building sets. The first set of  10 should not be your warm up but should feel pretty light. Add weight to a point that the last set is hard to finish reps 7-10.

4×10 Clean Grip Dead Lift

4×10 Strict Weighted pull ups (scale down as needed)



For Time

30 Clean-and-Jerks (135/95 lb)

Power cleans or full cleans are acceptable. Athlete may re-set after the clean or catch the bar in the rack position for the clean and push straight into the jerk without pausing. However snatches are not allowed.


10 Minute Rest


Partner Angie Saturday Style! (1 working at a time scale as needed)

100 C2B Pull ups

100 Hand Stand Push ups

100 Alt Med Ball Sit ups – RX 20/16

100 Goblet Squats – RX 53/35

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