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A. Fitness:
Hang Power clean 1 heavy

Power clean 1 heavy

B. 5 Rds for Time
20 Second Cal Assult Bike
sprint 20 meters

Rest as needed (1 to 3 min)

*assult bike should be next to bay door (one per bay door). sprint as hard as you can for 20sec then jump off and run to 10m mark and back (should end outside). If you do this correctly you will need the whole 2-3min rest time between each set!

Basic: http://crofton.rx.sitesasrx.net/2015/08/10/8102015/ ‎

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported and volunteered for the Bmore anthem! I know it wasn’t the outcome we were looking for but we’ll be ready for our next match on the 22nd!

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