In Blog, Workout of the Day


Pre-Class Training

5 x 0:30 Max Effort Freestanding Handstand Hold or Walk

(Rest 1:00)

EMOM 10:

Odd: 8-16x Pistol Squats

Even: 0:30 L-Sit

In-Class Session

Primary Strength

Take 20 minutes to Build Through 10 sets:

1 x Snatch Deadlift + 1x Hang Power Snatch + 1x Power Snatch

Workout of the Day

Three Rounds for Time:

800 / 600m Run

100m Heavy KB Farmer’s Carry [73/55]

20x Handstand Push-Ups / 20x Push-Ups / Hand-Release

20x Alternating DB Snatches [55/35]

[Cap 20:00]

Post-Class Accessory Work

Core Work

2-3 sets

0:30 Pallof Press Hold Left

0:30 Pallof Press Hold Right

0:45 Side Plank Left

0:45 Side Plank Right

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