In Blog, Workout of the Day


Pre-Class Strength Work

4x TnG Push Press: Build Through 6 sets

Every 90 seconds x 7 sets:  1x Split Jerk w/ 2″ Pause in Dip and Receiving + 1x Split Jerk w/ No Pause

In-Class Session

Gymnastics Skill Work: 10 min

Kip Progressions 4 sets of  4-6 Reps

Kipping Toes To Bar  Practice 4 sets of 3-6 Reps

Workout of the Day


Run 400m

15/10x Toes to Bar

20x DB Push Presses 55/35

20x Abmat Sit-Ups

Post-Class Accessory Work

2 sets:

20x DB Tricep Extensions

15-20x V-Ups

30x DB Floor Presses

15-20x V-Ups

(Rest as Needed)

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