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Pre-Class Functional Strength Training

4-6 sets Building through the Rack: 6x KB Goblet Squats [@3.2.x.1]

Take 20 minutes to Build to a 1-Rep Dead Stop Front Squat [Or Tempo FS @3.6.x.1.]

 In-Class Session

Primary Strength

8 sets Building: Power Snatch 1.1.

Conditioning Work


Row/Ski 200m or Bike 12x Cals

15x Russian KBS [73/53]

Row/ Ski 200m or Bike 12x Cals

15x Box Jumps

Row /Ski 200m or Bike 12x Cals

15x Burpees No Jump

20x Air Squats

(Rest 4:00, High Effort on Each Set)

Post-Class Accessory Work

3 sets:

8×2 Reverse DB Lunges [@2.1.x.1.]

10x Glute Ham Raises [@2.1.x.1]

8x Barbell Z-Presses [3.1.x.1]

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